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Words // Tiffany Panhilason Alignment is key. It is our foundation. All around us is the presence of love. When our alignment comes from the core vibration of love, the infinite potential is expressing itself through us. We become the image and likeness of love. We become the individual expression

Our physical realm reflects the sounds of our inner state of being. Emotions guide us as we travel through our existence, and like musical notes, those become the life songs we sing.  “I feel happy, powerful and even magical. Like I can create any emotion I choose. I travel anywhere

Living a happy life is all about perspective. It is our attitude that transforms our jobs into our passion and joy. Trusting our innate abilities empowers us to know we will succeed, and our creative journey will be worth it whenever we embark on a new endeavor.  Dina Goldentayer, the

I have been a dreamer my whole life. Like most kids, play was the most important thing to me. Growing up as an only child (my brother was twenty years older than I), just as television was coming into its own as the mainstay of American entertainment, I was literally

Through different creative expressions, we are all adventurers at heart. Who doesn’t want a life that fulfills our deepest desires? To explore destinations where few have gone before, to feel the wind on our face and inhale the scent of salt from the sea, to taste exotic foods and experience

It feels so good when we are imbued with passion, curiosity, and zest for life. When our professional path is aligned with our creative expression, we feel fulfilled, striving to expand and eager to discover more. In that state, we show up every day feeling that we are creating a

Alignment is being connected to Source, it’s feeling who we really are while embracing and honoring the process of our becoming. As we accomplish more, we always aim for more; it’s our natural expansion. Life wants to express itself through us, manifesting all our desires that already exist vibrationally. When

We, all human beings, are constantly evolving. As we accomplish more, we always desire to reach for more. The vision we hold of ourselves becomes sharper and changes as we adjust our focus throughout our life experiences. And yet, we can only expand when we see the value in the

Confidence—a feeling accessible to all human beings, which can be evoked when we tap into our inner space that empowers us to align with our highest self. When we are confident, we are aware of our innate beauty, grace, and unique abilities. Sometimes, we are looking for ways to remind

“Mexico is magical, and Mexican food is just as magical,” says Pati Jinich, Mexican chef, cookbook author, and TV personality. She is passionate about her culture, where magic is part of everyday life and especially the rituals surrounding food. Amidst the music, the art, the performance, and the liveliness that