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It could be said that more than any other art- form, architecture is an undeniable part of our lives. The buildings architects create are like living organisms, reflecting our expanding consciousness as human beings who inhabit the space and the cities we are a part of. Instinctually, when we enter

No matter what our circumstances are, all the joy we want exists inside us. Events in life that challenge us to become the catalysts to clarify our preferences, which defines the life we want to experience. When we care about how we feel, we embrace our freedom to choose the

This inspirational video is a reminder to you, that you are a beautiful, kind and loving human being. Now say to yourself, I am a beautiful, kind and loving human being. Joyful Holiday loving wishes from actors: Amanda Payton, Benjamin Charles Watson, Fei Ren, Fernanda Urrejola, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jessica

There is a duality with the idea of expecting the best outcome or no expectations at all, and probably both are valid based on the meaning and believes we have in connection with it. We all have dreams and we desire those dreams to become reality. While we are building

Words // Olga Martinova In the world of free self-expression, free speech and free spirit, we hardly stop to distinguish what these things signify. To me, there is a distinct difference between them. But when combined and well-applied, it has a good chance to stand for something grand – Authenticity! 

Words \\ Armand Alvarez  In today’s world, we are inundated with images and stories of other people. In just five minutes on any social media channel, we are informed of the success, confidence, happiness, memories, and vacations of friends, acquaintances, celebrities, and strangers alike – often without knowing who they

Words // Katalina JN Human evolution and expansion have always come from the birth of new desires that appear first as ideas that are manifested into physical reality. There are many of us that might have a similar innovative vision, but only a few convert that into reality. How can

From the book EAT TO BEAT DISEASE  by Dr. William Li Everyone wants to remain vibrant and live as long as they can with a high quality of life. If your goal is to stay healthy, and especially if you are going through a disease, you want reliable information based

Set in a stunning glacial valley in Arrowtown, New Zealand with uninterrupted views of Lake Hayes and surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Cardrona and Coronet peak, Lodge at The Hills is a magical luxury experience you won’t find anywhere else. Completed in 2014 after two years of construction, it

We all are born with the innate ability to bring out a diverse artistic expression. From a creative perspective, we all are artists of our own life experience. As ever-evolving human beings, we can choose the path of our dreams and reinvent ourselves in many creative ways. If one sophisticated