Tom C. Lau

Tom C. Lau

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Located in Midtown East, chef Chikara Yamada brings to New York City his first U.S. restaurant, Yamada Chikara. He has trained for years under Ferran Adria at the now closed but influential three-star Spanish restaurant, El Bulli. As a renowned chef and one very into techniques like molecular gastronomy, his

When fifty and fifty gives you more than one hundred… Located in West Village of New York City at 50 Commerce Street, Fifty brings a personalized mixture and twist of new-American and South American to the neighborhood. As the chef-partner of Fifty, Luis Jaramillo, who hails from Ecuador and has

Harrow – an agricultural tool used to plow the surface of the soil With an interesting definition and meaning behind the name of the restaurant, The Harrow New York, located on 10th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen, links to the idea of agriculture, farmland and nature. The tool symbolizes and plows

Quintessential New York City steakhouse experience Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse, initially opened its first location on 44th Street in 2005 but closed down in 2012 for 5 years due to the renovations of the building, has finally returned in 2017 to its very own original location. The anticipated return definitely

Spicoli’s Clam Bar and Tiki Hut, the beach-themed concept inspired by Fast Times at Ridgemont High character Jeff Spicoli, and Dale’s Ice C.R.E.A.M. SHOP are two new and fun concepts brought to everyone by Chef Dale Talde and Three Kings Team at Arlo NoMad this summer. “All I need are

What once was an old garment factory and tailor’s office in the mid-20th century during the peak of the Garment District is now a vibrant restaurant, beautifully inspired by the neighborhood’s eminent history and backdrop, The Rag Trader and Bo Peep Cocktail & Highball Store. “I imagined the seamstresses and

Ophelia, one of the two female characters in William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, suffers a tragic death, falling and drowning in a brook. She is a character of purity, trust, innocence and vulnerability in Hamlet. When she is found dead in the water, no one really knows for sure whether it

Mr. White, a New Orleans-inspired restaurant located simply yet elegantly on St. Marks Place in East Village, serves up an undeniably delicious menu with a southern twist and flavor. Using just a few simple colors and a glass storefront with partially see-through curtains, the frontage creates a mysterious feeling, an

Earth is the home for clay. Clay is the home for all. Clay, a new American restaurant, presents the idea of a farm-to-table experience paired with unique natural wines in Harlem of New York City. Upon stepping into the chic and cozy setting of the restaurant, a feeling of arriving

On 12th Street between University Place and Broadway, Shuko situates itself on the block with a minimalistic yet Zen-like exterior, leaving customers to potentially overlook and walk pass the restaurant. It could take a bit of time before you find the entrance and walk through to what seems like the