Tom C. Lau

Tom C. Lau

Author at The Hedonist Magazine

Tao – the way of nature and/or ideal way to live one’s life As you walk through the heavy wooden doors that seem to have been transported from the ancient Chinese times, you enter Tao Uptown, the Midtown temple-like restaurant that holds scenes of lively family gatherings and parties yet

Samurai, originally meant “one who serves”, now means warrior or knight. Following an unwritten code of conduct, the Bushido Code, a true warrior must hold that loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor as most important above all else. Newly opened Japanese restaurant situated in Midtown Manhattan; MIFUNE, is named after

At Sushi Ginza Onodera NYC, located on Fifth Ave near Bryant Park, executive chef Masaki Saito and his team serve up a one-of-a-kind omakase experience, one that is truly luxurious and surely well worth its distinguished value. Upon entering their tall and grand entrance doors, guests are immediately greeted warmly

The fondest memories are made when… Entering through the grandiose and welcoming entrance of Park Hyatt New York on 57th Street, one opens up, exposed immediately to the ultimate hedonistic experience, to the creations of new memories and remembrances of the past. Presenting its elegant and contemporary glamour aesthetics at

The Bollinger champagne house has created impressively outstanding champagnes with varying characters that distinguish them by elegance and complexity. The amount of meticulous detail put into crafting the wide range in the palate of aromas for all their amazing champagnes sets their brand apart, on a path of perfection and

Out East, chic Long Island coastal inspired restaurant situated in East Village of New York City, brings the beach house vibe and fresh seafood taste to you. Upon entering and being seated at their pink banquette, you instantly feel as if you’ve been transported out east of the city for

Located in the basement right below the iconic Dream Downtown, Megu, serves nothing less of amazing; stylishly curated to match the posh setting and its fresh culinary perspective for a modern twist of Japanese cuisine. You can be sure that your palate will be up for a roller coaster ride

For the passionate saké lovers, The Joy of Sake, the heavens of the saké world, helps them relive the pure joy that sake can yield. For those who simply enjoy the unique aroma and taste of certain sakes, this event guides you through the many heavenly paths towards the sakes

Gaijin, a Japanese word that is composed of the two characters: gai (outside) and jin (people), translates to outsider.   Gaijin, a Japanese-inspired restaurant located in an upcoming and vibrant neighborhood of Astoria in Queens, could be considered a “gaijin” in terms of its location with the rest of the