Virgilia Virjoghe

Virgilia Virjoghe

Branding Development and Marketing Consultant

On a beautiful summer day in the late August, the sun was unrealistically strong for a relatively early morning in New York when I was patiently waiting on the crew and their Director Layon Gray to arrive. In the meantime, an adorable puppy Maxi was keeping me company inside the theater, and I was quite enchanted when the

A spectacular weekend in June in Toronto created the perfect canvas for my meet and greet with artist Peter Triantos, a moment in time that would become an extremely inspiring and emotionally charged encounter. Way beyond his skilled approach to colors, the very prolific artist is a super-human with unmatched

THE 3D-LOVE STORY OF THE CENTURY: HUMANITY MEETS SPACE Marc Gumpinger is the Artist of the Moment who will transcend his craft well into the Future by connecting the emotionally charged dots of the human soul with a scientifically enhanced laser-cut alike art technique that is both hypnotizing and besotting.

Philipp Plein is not the high-end fashion world’s darling. Nor that he cares to be for that matter. He is driven, ambitious, provocative. His aesthetic may be too effervescent by most counts yet no one can deny that he is an astute businessman and a marketing genius. His mission is

How many times in life one can say these words and really mean them? And then this German artist came along and left us speechless. Three times in my life I experienced feelings of this magnitude: when I saw Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz perform live and then on September 7th when

Philippe Artus Hoerle-Guggenheim. A name inarguably headed for a sophisticated future. Somehow intimidating until you have the chance to a conversation with this refined 36 years old French-German Global citizen who surprisingly unveils himself quite differently than perhaps expected. That ‘je ne sais quoi’ is perfectly in his place along with the British accent,

Orthopedic Surgeon | International Model | Global Citizen Manu Bora identifies as a bi-dimensional personal brand with an oxymoronic touch: orthopedic surgeon and international model. Two professions quite different from one another but this serious, thoughtful guy with great work ethic seems to balance both quite well. Based in India where he practices medicine at