Conversations From Within

Words // Kosta Trifunovic Like French painter Paul Cézanne would look at the same mountain from his window and see it differently, hence paint it every day in a new way, we all create different perceptions. We perceive the world around not only from its physicality but mostly from our

words // Olga Martinova I want to be the best version of myself. The trouble is, we all have many versions of ourselves which depend on various aspects of our lives and the people we are surrounded by. Self-image is crucial for most people, but mainly for those who are

words // Olga Martinova It happened when I was looking for a literary agent for my book, a novel which I had written some years prior. Just because you write something doesn’t necessarily mean you want to expose yourself to the public, to judgment. It’s never easy to put yourself

words // Armand Álvarez We often separate the mind from the physical world, even though everything physical is manifested from an idea. The common desire to advance in one way or another makes us expand as human beings. Regardless of our background, culture, and social environment, we continuously seek to

Words // Kosta Trifunovic If history teaches us anything, it is that humanity always moves forward. From early men and women evolving in completely isolated environments to modern citizens of the world, humankind unquestionably progressed to the most connected global community since its inception despite ups and downs in the

AGORA a central “gathering place” in ancient Greek. The center of the athletic, artistic and spiritual life of the city. Conversations from within between Olga Martinova and Armand Alvarez Olga Martinova We live a four-dimensional life in a three-dimensional world. Your reality is not my reality, and mine is not yours!