A diversity of perspectives on concepts such as success or competition

Who I AM I am, in essence, a vibrational being experiencing a material world in a physical body. I was never as clear as I am now; I am that which I think myself into being. Throughout my life experience and in time becoming more aware of how my thoughts

This inspirational video is a reminder to you, that you are a beautiful, kind and loving human being. Now say to yourself, I am a beautiful, kind and loving human being. Joyful Holiday loving wishes from actors: Amanda Payton, Benjamin Charles Watson, Fei Ren, Fernanda Urrejola, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jessica

The other day I was organizing a worldwide online event to share a positive message of happiness and success with 20 speakers and writers when I received some “unpleasant news.” Something happened that was not supposed to. I tried to find a solution, but couldn’t. When I’m inside a problem,

GETTING WHAT I WANT If I can agree that thoughts turn into physical things and experiences, you know that the secret to getting what you want is first forming it as a thought.  To do this, I have to practice the way of thinking mindfully in order to manifest my

Congratulations to Romy Nordlinger and her creative team on the amazing opening night of her play PLACES at the HERE Arts Center.  Romy’s spellbinding and emotional performance last night showed us again that she is Alla Nazimova. A must-see.  The Hedonist Magazine Please join us for this exciting not-to-be-missed play

Our ultimate intention is to expose you to a variety of success and lifestyle stories with a desire to resonate with your inner state of being. We believe that you have the freedom to decide what kind of world you want to experience. Any choice is right, the difference is

I am, I am not, what do I know? I think I am like the queen of North America, but she never was, I did. I am one…? Do I contain a Self that is …? How is that question going? And this I, must take care of Myself …

LA REINA AMORFA Divagando En Clave De No Votante As soon as I was born, my parents named me Kitailo, and for a few weeks everything was perfect, I babbled some notes and even had enough time to emerge from my eyesight. A while later, in front of the baptism

A few years ago, I discovered a truly life-changing book, “The Essential Teachings of the Law of Attraction,” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. This new knowledge resonated so much with me that I naturally began to put it into practice. Since then, I have studied many other books and authors

Human life is a universal experience, but we all are unique beings. There are unlimited resources in the universe, and we are the creators and vibrational attractors of anything we want in our lives. The list of things we want is endless. Maybe you want a nice home, a great