Words // Tiffany Panhilason Alignment is key. It is our foundation. All around us is the presence of love. When our alignment comes from the core vibration of love, the infinite potential is expressing itself through us. We become the image and likeness of love. We become the individual expression

Our physical realm reflects the sounds of our inner state of being. Emotions guide us as we travel through our existence, and like musical notes, those become the life songs we sing.  “I feel happy, powerful and even magical. Like I can create any emotion I choose. I travel anywhere

MEDITATION AS A PRACTICE The exercise of meditation has ancient origins, developing first in India, later becoming part of different religious practices among Buddhists, Jews, and even Christians, to mention a few. Today meditation is widely known, studied, and practiced by many, regardless of their religious background and beliefs. There

No matter what our circumstances are, all the joy we want exists inside us. Events in life that challenge us to become the catalysts to clarify our preferences, which defines the life we want to experience. When we care about how we feel, we embrace our freedom to choose the

From the book EAT TO BEAT DISEASE  by Dr. William Li Everyone wants to remain vibrant and live as long as they can with a high quality of life. If your goal is to stay healthy, and especially if you are going through a disease, you want reliable information based

Having a desire is part of our natural path to becoming more. Becoming who we envision ourselves to be doesn’t necessarily mean we must plan everything; it’s also fun to allow the Universe to surprise us. Ever since she was a little girl, Pia Wurtzbach had the desire to become

We often get caught in paying attention to labels and the opinions of others. The environment that we grew up in, the people we allow into our life, and our culture and society teach us information that becomes part of our belief system. Hence, we take the way we think

Our body is our vessel, it takes us everywhere we go. We focus on our body more than anything else around us as it’s always present with us. It’s of the highest importance to love our body and to honor its extraordinary mechanism that makes us move, sense and express

What you think influences how you feel and how you feel affects the way you perceive your life and yourself. Depending on which kind of thoughts you choose, that cycle can lead you to happiness or despair. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, “Happiness is a state of well-being and

Freedom is a human birthright—for every single person on this earth. We are born to live up to our fullest, limitless potential; we are here to be and do good: to expand, to be happy. When we understand that, we have the opportunity to allow ourselves to embrace our innate