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The eternal dance between ‘question’ and ‘answer’ is the infinite movement of energies that continually expand and creates worlds. That which we decide to observe the most are like musical notes that eventually become the song of the life we are experiencing. Change is constant and inevitable! It is always

I AM WORTHY! The three words engraved within us since forever, the three words that carry the energy that indicates the fullest of who we are, the three words that feel absent when we turn away from them. It is normal to be influenced by our environment which at times

There is always a lot of activity around each of us, life is full of variety. And yet, we notice only what gets in our focus.  It’s like a flashlight in the darkness, we see only the direction illuminated by our thoughts. The dance of emotions reveals the flow of

At times, life may seem to bring us experiences that we would have preferred not to encounter. After a while, we often look back at those situations, and we recognize the value of living them. Regardless of what is your choice of belief, think about the clarity of defining what

It is easy to love when someone loves us back, but when it comes to embracing our differences, sometimes we push against each other opting for being right instead of feeling good. When we understand that relationships in different degrees reflect the relationship we have with ourselves, we will start

The meaning of the word ‘selfish’ has rather a negative connotation; it means the lack of consideration for others. It is often used to describe people that only think about themselves. The paradox is that someone could call us selfish for not wanting to do something they think is right,

Who I am? is one of the biggest questions that human beings ask themselves throughout life. Wanting to fit into a society that has so many different rules and points of view can be a tiring task. There are as many different ways of thinking as there are people on

Sometimes we live our lives and behave based on what we think other peoples’ expectations are. We do a lot to please them, seeking their approval and by doing that we are simply giving away our own power. On the other hand, pushing against anything or anyone is also not

We label everything in order to identify that which we want to express with words, which in turn our mind translates into thoughts and images connected to our life experiences. We all are seeking to connect, that’s why we expose our opinions, hence our own perspective of the truth, often

We all think around 60000 – 70000 thoughts every day, and most of them are the same or similar. Thoughts become beliefs, they shape our perspective and trigger emotions that indicate on which direction we are focused. When we want to soothe our thoughts and slow them down, the best