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First sounds of her voice made me close my eyes. I could sense the intention of every word as she was allowing me into her world. The excitement was growing while her voice was embracing me and directing my thoughts to fly with her. I felt inspired, I felt free,

” Lo que me queda por vivir será en sonrisa “ ” What I have left to live will be smiling ”  Sitting on a third row at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) known as a major center for progressive and avant-garde performance, I was in keen anticipation of a concert that

I create art that’s like a mirror reflecting beauty, emotion, and possibilities of life with contemporary pop surrealism.   Sometimes I feel like an artist, when enlightened, I let myself with the flow, receiving impulses of clarity and confidence transporting me to a different dimension. I believe that artists in

This is an inspiring story about a young musician Tony Succar and his creation of a dream into reality. Unity: The Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson is a testament to the power of music and one man’s indomitable spirit. The passion project of Peruvian-born, Miami-raised producer/multi-instrumentalist/arranger Tony Succar, Unity  features The world of luxury vehicle design has rapidly expanded to extraordinary innovations in the last decade. It is truly inspiring to see how so many young designers are projecting their vision into the future of Automotive and Transport Design. One of the designers leading the way of creation into

We Congratulate Buika’s Recent Nomination At The Latin Grammys 2016 In The Highest Category Vivir Sin Miedo (Living Without Fear) Preface Once upon a time a girl named María Concepción Balboa Buika, was born on the Spanish island of Mallorca, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Her parents, political exiles from Equatorial Guinea, When Hazem Aljesr decided to open the first Cities Design Art & Lifestyle store in Riyadh, his aim was beyond merely adding a new boutique for home accessories and décor items to the market. Instead, his desire was to create a new approach into the design world in the Middle East, In the early 80’s two brothers, Custo and David Dalmau, were traveling on a motorcycle across America. Interested in graphic design, and inspired by the lax attitude of southern California, they came up with the genius idea of starting a business crafting T-shirts filled with screen-prints and colorful illustrations. The Elixir Clinic is a reputed and trusted health & beauty center aimed to deliver inside-out beauty and long term well-being to its clients. Founded in 2013 in London by Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh, they are specialized in bespoke intravenous infusions, also known as VitaDrip. Moreover, they offer

Today, lighting is much more than the “basic function” of providing illumination – it brings together all the components within the architectural space and brings spaces to life, creating different atmospheres that provide unique experiences to the user. Due to my background in interior design and particularly in hospitality projects, I