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The word magic is often associated with something that is beyond human ability, something supernatural. But like anything else, magic always lays within ourselves; it is the feeling of wonder and appreciation of the beauty around us. As more we focus on thoughts that feel better, we will bring ourselves

The sensation we experience when we feel the dance of energies flowing through us and to us is indescribable. This moment of connection becoming one with Source/God, receiving the clarity of who we are as a whole. When we expand our awareness of self; self-worth, self-empowerment, self-care, self-love… we will

We all are storytellers; we all share stories with each other as well as with ourselves by thinking about different scenarios that haven’t yet arrived as our physicality. Those stories shape our perspective and become that which we believe to be the truth within ourselves or in the world. A

Alignment is being connected to Source, it’s feeling who we really are while embracing and honoring the process of our becoming. As we accomplish more, we always aim for more; it’s our natural expansion. Life wants to express itself through us, manifesting all our desires that already exist vibrationally. When

As we experience our life, we are defining our preferences through different events and situations. Life shows us choices so we can decide what is our highest excitement and clarify what we are most eager about. By knowing what we want and seeking joy in everything we do, we can

We, all human beings, are constantly evolving. As we accomplish more, we always desire to reach for more. The vision we hold of ourselves becomes sharper and changes as we adjust our focus throughout our life experiences. And yet, we can only expand when we see the value in the

There are several eternal universal laws that exist, whether we are aware of them or not. They affect not only us—human beings—but every single living organism on the planet Earth and in the universe at large. Abraham Hicks says that the most powerful universal law is the Law of Attraction,

There are many ways to approaching life with the intention of accomplishing what we desire. Many of us take the path of hard work focusing on physically putting a lot of effort into what we do, without being aware of how we feel, and this does not always bring us

Every single event in our lives, regardless of the emotion we feel, is fully beneficial to the expansion of our consciousness. By being aware of how we feel, we will clarify what feels the best to us and refine our life preferences. It is clear, that our preference is to

LOVE IS HERE   INTRODUCTION It feels so good to navigate through life being loved and comprehended. The feeling of acceptance is one of our biggest aims; we want to be seen, we want to feel connected, we want to belong. We often seek these things in our outer world.