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The word love has many connotations and we often use it in situations from a very conditional perspective. We can’t feel love in its purest state when we are angry, disappointed, or judging ourselves and others. However, recognizing and caring about how we feel will open the doors towards a

Our creative expression is a reflection of our truest, inner-self and emotions. Everything we experience in life is the evidence of how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. When we are at peace and content with our lives, that energy is imbued in everything we create. Simply

Our lives are made of the stories we tell. Whether we speak about what we like or dislike, our words become our focus which in turn converts into what we believe to be true. The intention behind each word is very powerful, and it’s normal that we want to be

Whether we want to discover our talents or we want the means to experience the lifestyle we dream of, we all are seeking the right professional path. Even as children, we were often asked questions such as: “Who you want to be when you grow up?” What if there is

Everything we ever want is to feel good! All dreams and desires we have, no matter what they are, we think that by having it we will feel happier than how we feel without it. Being aware of that, we always can tap into our inner power to create good

All human beings are different and even when we seem to be alike, we all have unique dreams and aspirations. Our desires certainly do not define us, but like us and life itself, they are in a continual state of becoming. Everything changes and what is now will be different

Chris Warren calls himself an easy going, laid back guy who would rather like to stay at home and relax than being at the center of every party, and that might just be the right recipe for his busy life as a prolific actor, executive producer and creator of his

It is easy to understand that as human beings we are mainly physically focused. As we walk through our existence, we are often caught up in our daily routines, looking at what is happening around us as the only reality that exists. What happens if we open our minds to

Imagination is one of the most powerful abilities all human beings are born with. We can imagine traveling somewhere we have never been, we can play to be someone else, which is also a part of our empathic connection, or we can create objects in our mind before they are

It is fascinating how diverse and unique our Universe is and as part of it, we are as well. We walk through our existence taking in everything, continuously building up a personal perspective of what our life is and our role in it. No matter what our situation is now,