The Interview

Today, we collectively see the artist as a singular, creative genius.  In Renaissance Italy, contemporaries saw the artist as laborer, a tradesman.  Joseph Gerard Sabatino, a contemporary artist of Italian-American descent based in Paterson, New Jersey, is a combination for our modern and historic interpretation of the artist.  Joseph has

It’s no secret that with the expansion into film and television production of entertainment companies such as Netflix, the globalized online distribution brought the exposure of many new talents from around the globe to a broader audience. One of the upcoming stars that will shine in Netflix’s highly anticipated drama

Shazad Latif grew up in London. He is of English, Scottish and Pakistani descent but considers himself a citizen of the world. In his early acting career, he played Clem Fandango on “Toast of London”, Tariq Masood in the BBC TV series “Spooks” and he is also known for shining

The Excellence of Capturing the World Bernard Tartinville has a sparkling and transparent look, he radiates energy, tenacity, warmth, and undeniable “joie de vivre”. To get one of his magnificent images he does not hesitate to climb on a roof, hang from a cliff, or dive into an underwater grotto.

Introduction Briefly introduce both yourselves in your own words.  ARIELA Well my Instagram @arielakiradjian bio says “leader in the boutique community Co-Founder, Stay BoutiqueCOO, BLLA,  Located in New York City. Past Residencies in the UK & Germany.” Outside of my social media bio, I am a 22 year old woman

INTRODUCTION Miguel Ángel Silvestre is a Spanish actor who embraces his authenticity and spontaneity, molding his own dreams into reality while enjoying, playing and having fun. He was born and raised in Castellón de la Plana, Spain where he initially wanted to become a professional tennis player, a passion he

With Highland Titles, the passion for conservation puts “noble” back in nobility  The concept of “nobility” often carried the concept of merit and social duty since a long time ago. “Lords” and “Ladies” were often expected to live by honorable behavior and uphold social responsibilities. Today, Highland Titles allows anyone

THE 3D-LOVE STORY OF THE CENTURY: HUMANITY MEETS SPACE Marc Gumpinger is the Artist of the Moment who will transcend his craft well into the Future by connecting the emotionally charged dots of the human soul with a scientifically enhanced laser-cut alike art technique that is both hypnotizing and besotting.

The art of having a well-balanced lifestyle for Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz is finding the fun in everything With over nearly forty years of experience in the Food & Beverage (F&B) and the night life scene, Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz launched SJS Group in 2016 as a platform for their

I find my life inspiration through immersing myself in local cultures, especially exploring the streets of the world. Born in the United States, young entrepreneur Anthony Alvarez grew up between New York and Paris in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural household. A context which would afterwards influence the concept basis of his