The Interview

Philippe Artus Hoerle-Guggenheim. A name inarguably headed for a sophisticated future. Somehow intimidating until you have the chance to a conversation with this refined 36 years old French-German Global citizen who surprisingly unveils himself quite differently than perhaps expected. That ‘je ne sais quoi’ is perfectly in his place along with the British accent,

Orthopedic Surgeon | International Model | Global Citizen Manu Bora identifies as a bi-dimensional personal brand with an oxymoronic touch: orthopedic surgeon and international model. Two professions quite different from one another but this serious, thoughtful guy with great work ethic seems to balance both quite well. Based in India where he practices medicine at

Luxury to me is whatever you feel sexy and confident in. Whether it’s a short dress, extravagant gown or a simple tee shirt – the way fashion makes you feel is what is most important. Israeli designer, Idan Cohen, was born to a family of fashion. As a child, he

What makes a good photo? This simple yet complex question evokes both practical and philosophical arguments over this subject. Photography is often referred to as synonymous with art, craft, trade and even science – all of which each of us as unique individuals perceives and sees very differently. At its

Luxury is having a beautiful evening – exquisite food, enjoying a candle, and ultimately enjoying time for yourself. These small things that make you feel really special Lisa Parigi is a model and entrepreneur originally from Zurich, Switzerland, now based in Los Angeles, California where she runs two lifestyle brands:

“I am continuously searching for new design solutions to address the never ending changes and behavior of a global community, which is my passion” Diego Gronda is an international designer with more than 22 years of leadership in architecture and interior design developed in all the five continents. Throughout his

First sounds of her voice made me close my eyes. I could sense the intention of every word as she was allowing me into her world. The excitement was growing while her voice was embracing me and directing my thoughts to fly with her. I felt inspired, I felt free,

” Lo que me queda por vivir será en sonrisa “ ” What I have left to live will be smiling ”  Sitting on a third row at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) known as a major center for progressive and avant-garde performance, I was in keen anticipation of a concert that

I create art that’s like a mirror reflecting beauty, emotion, and possibilities of life with contemporary pop surrealism.   Sometimes I feel like an artist, when enlightened, I let myself with the flow, receiving impulses of clarity and confidence transporting me to a different dimension. I believe that artists in The world of luxury vehicle design has rapidly expanded to extraordinary innovations in the last decade. It is truly inspiring to see how so many young designers are projecting their vision into the future of Automotive and Transport Design. One of the designers leading the way of creation into