The Interview

Passion is one of the most powerful emotions, it’s an inexhaustible fuel that drives us to create and express ourselves. But it’s not until we decide to embrace it when we become fully satisfied.   We can tap into our passion just by appreciating things around us. As we begin

All our dreams begin with an idea born inside of us. We may get inspired by seeing something we want to become and experience, or through what might seem to be an unpleasant event, we clarify that which we desire to manifest. In either case, by focusing on things that

Being aware of how we think and feel, and therefore consciously leading our physical existence, we experience our life with joy and satisfaction. Whether we think about our past or future, we do so in the NOW. We might not be able to change our physical reality in a second

Life wants to express itself through us. There is a big difference in the outcome when it comes to acting through a joyful inspiration or merely because we have to do things. Both can work, but the amount of joy we put during the process will make a difference in

It is exciting and thrilling that we, all human beings are continuously expanding to become more. As we accomplish a desire, we always aim for more, it’s our natural evolution. We are innately creative beings gifted with the art of imagination through which we create our world. Being alive is

A belief is just a thought that we have been thinking for a long period of time. Our patterns of thoughts that repeat over time become beliefs that in turn trigger emotions. Therefore, our existence represents the reflection of that which we think about the world, ourselves and others. Believing

We become that which we think ourselves into being. We think around 70.000 thoughts a day, and most of them are the same thoughts that we were thinking the day before. Thoughts emanate energy, they also activate emotions that we connect to those thoughts, and those emotions make us feel

The idea about the journey in our life being the most important is well known, but do we really understand what that means? Desire is life, without desire there is no creation and without it, no human being would exist. Consciousness flows through us wanting to express itself through what

We all measure success in different ways, and there is no one exact formula of actions to attain that what we desire. However, being consistent in the choice of our thought process will bring out the emotions connected to them. Everything we all want is to feel good most of

It is natural for all humans to always think some kind of thoughts. Besides spending time in the stillness of meditation, our inner chatter never stops. What we are constantly thinking about is in our own hands whether it is about past, future or the moment we are now experiencing.