The Interview

Imagination is one of the most powerful abilities all human beings are born with. We can imagine traveling somewhere we have never been, we can play to be someone else, which is also a part of our empathic connection, or we can create objects in our mind before they are

It is fascinating how diverse and unique our Universe is and as part of it, we are as well. We walk through our existence taking in everything, continuously building up a personal perspective of what our life is and our role in it. No matter what our situation is now,

Sometimes we are so taken by a person in history that we feel the need to go back in time to further explore his or her life and then even take on attributes of that person that can lead to life-changing ways and actions.  Modern-day actress Romy Nordlinger and 19th

We all want to experience abundance in all aspects of our life. We put ourselves into hard work and forced actions seeking for the life we consider is best, wishing to physically experience what we want in order to feel happiness and joy. This way, we condition our innate well-being

What is the story about your life that you tell? We often underestimate the power of how we talk about ourselves and our life experience. By continuing to tell the same story that in turn, we would like to be different, we are continually creating a momentum that influences our

By seeking approval from others, will make us dependant on what others think in order for us to feel satisfied. But also, what we think is right might be the opposite for someone else. Hence, when we allow ourselves and others to be and when we focus on reaching the

We often argue for our own limitations. Even when we know what we want, our own beliefs can be aligned with the opposite. Hard work and sacrifice are not always the means to live the life we consider is best, there has to be a thought process behind our actions.

Sometimes, we take life too seriously. We immerse ourselves on a daily routine full of responsibilities, perceiving our existence as rigid and even boring at times. Life itself is always in a continuous movement, nothing stops the dynamics of becoming but us. When we understand that, we will allow the

We, all human beings are constantly evolving into more. Regardless of how we label the events happening in our life, there is always a beneficial outcome when we are willing to see it. There are many ways and roads to experience the life we consider is best for us. Our

Appreciation is synonymous of love in its pure state. Although, the word ‘love’ is used in different contexts, when we appreciate who we are and who we are becoming, we turn into a state of joy. Life is composed of so many beautiful things and it’s only our focus on