The Interview

All human beings are given a beautiful gift to think thoughts and feel emotions. It’s astonishing that regardless of the circumstances around us, our thoughts have the power to evoke emotions depending on what we decide to focus on. Our habits of thoughts also become the bases of our belief

Any path we take in life will be filled with contrasting experiences. By facing things that challenge us, we expand and discover what we desire in the process. To live a joyful life, we must enjoy every aspect of the journey – even when we are in circumstances we do

With every thought we think, we are projecting and pre-paving the way we will experience our life. We often tend to look outside ourselves focusing on things we can’t control, instead of taking the responsibility of how we decide to react. How empowering is to know that the life we

To live is to experience variety. It is present on every step of the way and enables us to expand beyond we have been before. To be facing situations that seem unfair or undesired and to meet them with a smile on our face is to walk through life supported

We all have a rainbow of emotions within ourselves that generally speaking can scale from feeling sad to feeling good. Those emotions can be triggered by what we observe in our physical reality or activating a memory, thought or belief by giving it attention. Being aware of this can empower

We, all human beings, have the power to foreground the positive experiences in our lives, choosing to have fun and find joy in everything we do. When we align with our desire to be happy, it becomes natural to fill our days with vibrant stories and people. Our physical reality

When we are joyful, our emotional state affects the way we see and interact with the world. There is no better way for us to move into a more positive state of being than through laugh. Comedy has the power to make us smile in the face of those emotions

Our perception and emotional reality shape our experiences and the world around us. When we are aligned with a drive for creative expression, we find inspiration wherever we look. Even those things we consider mundane or heartbreaking can serve as an inspiration to create something beautiful when we are aligned

Have you ever noticed that when you do things because you love it and you are having fun during the process, things start to align? We all are born with talents and the potential of creatively expressing them in unique ways. Many of us look for our calling, but perhaps

We, human beings, are inherently filled with joy and happiness. As children, we are endlessly curious about the world. We are completely aligned with our emotional and physical state of being. We spend our days dreaming and we never consider the possibility that we could not accomplish our dreams. As