The Interview

Most of our beliefs are created unconsciously. We have habits of thought patterns influenced by the environment we are experiencing and what we focus on. Thoughts flow to and through us emanating energies that become our emotional reality. These emotions affect the way we see our existence and that makes

D.J. Higgins’ Award-Winning Short Drama Super-Woman Delivers A Teachable Moment Fresh off of his Best Director and Best TV/Web Series win at the Cutting Room International Short Film Festival, director, writer and producer  D.J. Higgins just garnered another well-deserved award for Best Drama-Short Film at the March 2019 Brightside Tavern

How do we keep ourself in balance in the midst of such a dynamic existence?! If we think of events in our life as contrasting experiences with diversity of choices, we will start to see what’s best for us. Our emotional reality is based much more on how we react

We, like all humans, thrive to experience a beautiful life. Our diverse world and our own uniqueness give us the opportunity to choose and discover what it is that we like the most, and who we want to become. Our ideas evolve as we unlock our perspective to see the

The story of our life we tell ourselves and others becomes the basis of how we are experiencing our existence. When we focus on,  and continuously tell stories of events in life we don’t like, we might lose the opportunity to clearly see the solution. But when we tell a

Happiness is a state of being, an intangible feeling that we all aim to reach and maintain. Many of us are waiting for life events to happen or things to attain to feel good, but true happiness and joy comes from a loving relationship with our inner-self. When we honor the

Exposed from a young age to diverse cultures and languages, Pollyanna McIntosh developed a sense of openness and a continuous interest in understanding human nature. Through her life experiences and acting roles such as Jadis/Anne on AMC’s series The Walking Dead and her debut as a director of the upcoming

What a relief to recognize that we, all humans, have within ourselves the tools to positively change our lives by shifting our own beliefs towards who we want to become. That which we call a challenge it is an opportunity when we are open to see it that way. In

Sometimes we take life too seriously. As we pay more attention to life events that are not as pleasant, we could miss celebrating beautiful moments that we can always find around us. Being aware of how we feel will trigger our power to consciously find our own way to transition

When we find our way to raise our vibration and reach a state of joy, satisfaction and appreciation, we appear to be one with the Universe. This could be achieved by engaging in meditation, listening to our favorite music, or just observing something that we consider beautiful. When we feel