The Interview

When we do what we love, and when we do it with love, all the actions will be inspired by the feeling of appreciation. As a result, time disappears, actions flow with ease and the tiredness feels satisfying. That is how we evolve, that is how we grow and become

The only person that can close the gap between the desire to succeed in what you want and actually succeeding, is you. Whether you believe in hard work, or in being persistent in seeing the right opportunity, by taking your own inner power in your hands, you will align with

The best way to uplift others is to be our own example of our innate power within all of us to live the life we consider is best. When our beliefs aligned with our desires we attract those around us that matches that vibration and as a result, we become

Born and raised in Lynchburg, VA, Skeet Ulrich, a former marine biology student turned actor had a life-changing experience after having been accepted into David Mamet’s (American playwright, screenwriter, director, and author) program at NYU. He was drawn to NYU’s acting school because it did not require applicants to audition.

We label objects, people and situations and for that, we believe in stereotypes that are just ideas, which we perceive as reality. We also often try to change the perception of others when we only have control of how we think and do within ourselves. When we start to see

Having faith is believing without any physical proof, it’s trust and confidence that translates into clarity, it’s strength and the evidence of the power within all of us. Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, we all want to have faith in something good and greater.  Actress Sope Aluko, who can be

While we all have different desires, we all have in common the perception that by having or experiencing what we want, we will feel good or better. Sometimes, this makes us conditioned to wait for things or people to make us feel happy. What if the formula works completely opposite?!

Sometimes, we put to much pressure on ourselves when we think we have to do something in a certain way to please someone else. When we do that, we start to blame others for asking too much, or for expecting us to behave the way they consider is the right

The biggest effort lays in aligning ourselves with our desires. We all are looking for the desired outcome to feel happy, hence pushing ourselves too hard through actions. But when we enjoy and appreciate the process towards the life we want to experience, we will have the opportunity to accomplish

Juliana Zobrist is undoubtedly much more than meets the eye; an artist, speaker, author, and a fashion icon of great beauty, she is a modern Renaissance woman. Her book “Pull It Off” is an eloquent delivery of her perception on life, fear, courage, and one’s ability to conquer adversity and