The Interview

A world of possibilities opens up for us when we firmly believe that each action we do have a greater purpose. An inspired action coupled with good intention brings joy, happiness and the desire to experience more of that.  The young rising star Olivia Ritchie, who can be seen shining as

We all have days when we feel good or better, and sometimes by limiting ourselves in the perception of time and sources, we deliver accordingly to how we feel towards what we do in any given moment. The formula is very simple – when we experience the emotion of overwhelming,

As we observe our Universe only as physical or spiritual – as two separate worlds, we disallow ourselves to experience life at its fullest unlimited potential. Hence, every physical experience, even when we don’t like it, adds more clarity, and by having faith and appreciation – clarity will bring us

When we have the persistence to trust in ourselves and enjoy our journey, we will have the opportunity to discover unconditional happiness. We always wait for certain events in our lives to feel good and to celebrate, but what’s the point if we do not allow ourselves to savor and

We all have been in a situation where we feel the pressure to please someone else’s vision of what is the best way we suppose to live our lives. When we understand that we all have our own unique creative expression in life, we will be able to accept ourselves

Even though we all see the world from our own perspective, making us unique, we all have in common the desire to be happy. The conscious knowledge of how we feel, understanding our core intentions behind each action, and deliberately choosing what we want in life, brings self-awareness.  A former

We all see the world through our own unique lenses, and despite pre-established rules or opinions that have been formed through our own human evolution, we always have the freedom to decide what’s best for us. When we allow ourselves to tap into our inner power, it feels good, loving,

When we have the clarity to decide how do we want to feel, regardless of any external circumstances, we unleash our true power and freedom within ourselves. Why do we have to wait for something physical to manifest in order to feel joy and happiness?! What if it’s all works

When we seek joy first and foremost, we find reasons to laugh. We see beauty in nature, in ourselves and other humans. We find that which uplift us, hence we allow opportunities to uplift others. We celebrate well-being and that brings forth within all of us the feeling of love. 

Originally from Cali, Colombia, now living in Spain,  award-winning actress Juana Acosta is going through an extraordinary period in her career. It is not unprecedented that things are always working out for someone who is so passionate and declares “loving life”. Having recently appeared in “Perfectos Desconocidos” (Perfect Strangers),  a