The Interview

We all have creative minds, what is essential to understand is how to use it to our advantage. Just think about it… we all have thoughts, these thoughts create emotions which define our mood, and based on that we act. It’s as simple as that, and perhaps the hard work

After winning the prize for the Best collection at Barcelona´s Fashion week, Albert Villagrasa shared his thoughts with us over being the creative director of Antonio Miró, a well know Catalan luxury lifestyle brand. We had the pleasure to exclusively interview him in the Barcelona flagship store, surrounded by his

Don’t Waste Your Talent and Always Do the Right Thing Legendary actor, writer, producer Chazz Palminteri needs no introduction. Nominated for an Oscar and the Screen Actors Guild Award in a Supporting Role for “Bullets Over Broadway” in 1995, and a multi-award-winner for his roles in films like “A Bronx

Love Is__ “Constantly evolving. At it’s purest form, Love Is_ Self Discovery…,” says the talented actor embodying Sean in OWN’s new original series “Love Is__.”  Have you ever asked yourself what “Love Is?” If love is continuously evolving into something bigger, parallel to the expansion of our vast Universe, then love

Regardless of where we come from, there is one thing that, we, all humans have in common – the desire to feel good. We often get too serious about everything which creates an overwhelming feeling of resistance, an indicator of the gap between what we want and the situation we

We are constantly invited “to be who we are,” but how do we know what that even means?! In this beautiful world where our cultural ideas and habits are influenced by our environment, sometimes we could get confused as we label ourselves by race, profession, beliefs, gender or sexuality. Questions such as

We all enjoy a good story where a Superhero appears and saves the world. The audience demand for films and TV shows based on comic books has increased in the past few years, starring highest-paid actors and having the most prominent writers to create the script. Actor Todd Stashwick, who

Even in our darkest moments, we can try to give our best. By finding and seeing beauty in the world, we will always have Hope which means Honor who we are. It is interesting how actors have the opportunity to understand and share the feelings of others through the process of

As a society, we created strong standards of what beauty means. We admire those who resemble a certain appearance of a commonly accepted model of how “beautiful” has to look. And that is absolutely fine, as long as we don’t compare and deny ourselves to see the excellence, magnificence, and attractiveness

When we are in a state of appreciation, which equals to the feeling of pure love, we are ready to allow ourselves to experience the best that life has to offer at any given moment. There is no better feeling than going through existence by doing things that you love. Actress Diana Hopper