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You don’t need to read Kafka to love it, by which I mean “Café Kafka” a restaurant in the center of El Born district in Barcelona. I have discovered this place seven years ago and since then I’ve been going there regularly.  Why? Because this place is like love –

Enjoy an afternoon at The Clifford Pier, overlooking the spectacular view of the Singapore’s city sky line with a mouth watering high tea set of heritage delights. Situated in what must be one of the most historically significant (and breathtakingly beautiful) location in Singapore at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, The

Gaijin, a Japanese word that is composed of the two characters: gai (outside) and jin (people), translates to outsider.   Gaijin, a Japanese-inspired restaurant located in an upcoming and vibrant neighborhood of Astoria in Queens, could be considered a “gaijin” in terms of its location with the rest of the

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In the middle of the busiest street in Barcelona, I discovered a gem, an oasis, a hidden treasure – “B Café”. It’s a special place because one can only find out about it by sheer chance. The coffee place was created out of the space of the inner yard of

Ton Rimbau describes himself as a self-taught perma-viticulture practitioner. According to the principles  of this practice, the life of human beings is combined in a respectful and beneficial way with that of animals and plants.  Such process focuses both, on a successive optimization of the system for the needs of

BVLGARI x Bistrot Bagatelle : The Perfect Match of Fine Dining and Fine Jewellery Bistrot Bagatelle has well and truly earned its title as one of Dubai’s most fashionable dining destination with BVLGARI, the epitome of refined luxury, choosing to shoot some of their exquisite jewellery pieces in the restaurant. If it’s

Luxury lies not only in the taste, but also in the ambience, history and quality that makes a Hungarian dessert experience so magical History plays a significant part in helping to understand one’s past experiences, appreciate the present and be hopeful for the future. This cannot be illustrated better than

Uptown With A Down Under Vibe This hidden gem offers three different experiences making it an easy Upper West Side destination not far from Central Park. Owned by Australian expats Tim Harris and partner Matilda Boland, it has become well known for its top-notch combination of seasonal cuisine and original,

Café Gray Deluxe introduces the Revitalising Menu Launching this month, Chef Gray Kunz is proud to introduce a selection of refreshing flavours and dishes that embrace a balanced lifestyle at Café Gray Deluxe, one of Hong Kong’s most iconic dining destinations. The new Revitalising Menu features dishes that are vegan

The perfect urban oasis to spend summer evenings in the city In Spain, there is a common saying that anything can be done ‘mañana, mañana’ (Spanish for later). While that is a reflection of the laidback and relaxed Spanish culture that other nationalities can only envy, if there is one