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Zaha Hadid Architects continues to be an inspired, ambitious, at-the-top-of-its-game architectural studio, ready to grow and to take on more of the world’s architectural projects. London is a creative industry and a cultural capital of the world. The people living there and all those passing through on a regular basis,

Nowadays it is common to hear many people using the word ‘design’ very vaguely, phrases such as “this The is a design store” or “I have just bought a design armchair for my living room.” The word ‘design’ is part of our collection of fancy verbal resources in our vocabulary,

Words couldn’t describe the fireworks of emotions I felt when I first entered the interior of the Roman Catholic church known as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I froze like a statue standing still for a few minutes, then continued with tears in my eyes. I hesitated for a second…

We all aspire to live each day inspired, enlightened, and in high spirit. As we move about the world, the spaces we inhabit influence our well-being. When an architect believes in the miraculous qualities of the buildings he creates, we all benefit from his work by experiencing a space manifested

Mark Foster Gage is an architect practicing his profession from his architectural studio in New York City, combining it with being an Assistant Dean of the School of Architecture at Yale University and constantly traveling to give lectures around the world. For his projects, he works with what he likes

“I want people to know that I am driven to make people smile, and to surprise them. I truly want to make people’s dreams come true.” Daring, immersive, romantic, and poetic. Marcel Wanders and his multi-disciplinary team of 40 know how to weave a story with design. They understand how

“Impact the masses” and “Make the world a better place (through design)” have always been my abstract mottos for Built. Mottos that John Sofio, the award-winning architect who has built a solid reputation for his work in LA, stands by as they have been inherent to his company, Built, Inc., in creating

A designer is a creator: everything around us was first an idea, a concept that somebody gave form. A designer materializes dreams, needs and wishes, but with bringing thoughts to life comes a lot of responsibility. In the words of Javier Peña, the director of ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering,

Jean-Michel Gathy, the legend behind some of the world’s most iconic luxury hotel and resort designs, has been commissioned to design the first urban Aman Resort in America, Aman New York, in the city’s landmark Crown Building. Jean-Michel Gathy will bridge the harmonious ethos of Aman in the heart of

Kevin Reilly Collection introduces three new sculptural lighting designs. For Spring 2018 designer Kevin Reilly is unveiling three new lamps. Each fixture is sculptural, creating a memorable ambiance and a sense of harmony. The spectacular Topo channels a bit of childhood nostalgia for Reilly, reminiscent of a spinning top. As