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Create, Rise And Shine Being an artist is like a never ending journey through the stars.  To us, everyday comes like an open sea of endless possibilities. Whether we sing, write or paint the world with smiles, the initial spark of every sunrise comes to us like a challenging reflection

On June 22, G-Star RAW presented for the first time ever on Paris Men’s Fashion Week schedule with a gallery showcase of its latest and most directional capsule collection: G-Star RAW Research by Aitor Throup.  The RAW Research collection is born from G-Star’s internal innovation laboratory, developed and led by

During the 080 Barcelona Fashion week, Custo Barcelona presented their collection for next Spring-Summer 2017. A collection that aims to renew the Custo fashion code and which the brand already introduced last winter  with Reborn. “Sport sensuality and a new silhouette detached from the body: “Oversize” is  their new proposal for women”

The next spring/summer 2017 collection of Dirk Bikkembergs is a tribute to sport, the founding paradigm of the brand. The Dirk Bikkembergs man is a fashionable athlete that walks  triumphant along the runway towards the Olympic gold. “Body, dynamism and energy are the defining features of a show designed to promote

Clemència Peris is a Catalan firm that is known for creating unique designs of fine jewelry, specializing in engagement rings. Inspired by the singular, emotions and the Mediterranean, her designs have gained  national and international recognition throughout the years. Design And Exclusivity Clemència Peris’s brand is identified within a wide range

On July 5th will be the opening of the pop-up boutique and the presentation of new talents of Barcelona Designers Collective project. Driven by La Roca Village and curated by FAD (Promotion of Arts and Design) the aim is to discover, promote and support emerging talent with commercial vocation. “The

‘2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal’ is the title of the latest piece from Spanish-born British composer Toni Castells which will have its World Premiere at St. James’s Piccadilly, London, on the 6th of July of 2016 at 7.30pm. The piece features the composer’s trademark blend of classical ensembles, operatic

Extending to the south from central Europe into the Mediterranean Sea, the Balkan Peninsula, or the Balkans, has been at a crossroads of cultures since ancient times. This part of Europe has a long history which cannot be easily summarized, and the people living there have created a very rich

I visited the capital of Serbia-Belgrade, already twice within one year. I am in love with this beautiful city, their people, culture and an absolutely delicious cuisine. My rendezvous with friends at the Restaurant Franš is one of my favorite things to do while I am in Belgrade and it turned out

As good representatives of what we preach, last month The Hedonist Magazine team visited one of the most renowned landmarks in New York City: The Rainbow Room, which every Sunday invites its guest to enjoy a luscious brunch in the skies of Manhattan. This legendary establishment that has defined the